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Ranking high in search results can feel like climbing Mount Everest – daunting and uncertain. But fear not, SEO adventurers! WGNR is here to offer a helping hand with our Free SEO Website Audit.

Why an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is like a health check for your website. It examines various aspects of your site to identify opportunities for improvement, ensuring it can be easily found by your target audience. With our free audit, you’ll discover:

Technical Glitches.

Our comprehensive SEO audit dives deep into the technical backbone of your website, identifying any underlying issues that could be detrimental to your site’s performance in search engine rankings. This includes a thorough examination of your site’s crawlability, security protocols such as HTTPS, and the integrity of your XML sitemap. By pinpointing problems like broken links, improper redirects, or issues with robots.txt files, we ensure that search engines can easily access and index your content, laying a solid foundation for your online presence.

On-Page SEO Opportunities.

On-page SEO is critical for search engines to understand your content and its relevance to user queries. Our audit meticulously reviews your website’s content and structure, focusing on key elements such as meta tags (title tags and meta descriptions), header tags, and keyword usage and density. We also evaluate the quality and originality of your content, its alignment with user intent, and internal linking strategies. Our goal is to identify opportunities to enhance your on-page SEO, making your site more visible and attractive to both search engines and users.

User Experience Insights

User experience is at the heart of a successful website. Our audit assesses various UX factors that influence engagement and conversion rates, including site navigation, content readability, and visual appeal. We analyze how users interact with your site, identifying any barriers that might prevent them from achieving their goals. By focusing on creating a seamless, intuitive user journey, we help you increase dwell time, reduce bounce rates, and ultimately, boost conversions.

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Mobile Optimization.

With the shift towards mobile-first indexing, ensuring your website is optimized for mobile devices is no longer optional. Our audit evaluates your site’s mobile responsiveness, loading times on mobile networks, and the overall mobile user experience. We check for common issues that could affect mobile users, such as unplayable content, intrusive pop-ups, and buttons or links that are too close together. Optimizing for mobile not only caters to the majority of web traffic but also aligns with Google’s mobile-first indexing, enhancing your site’s search engine visibility.

Speed Analysis.

Page speed is a critical factor for both user satisfaction and SEO. Slow-loading pages can lead to higher bounce rates and lower rankings in search engine results. Our audit uses advanced tools to measure your website’s loading times, identifying bottlenecks that could be slowing down your site. This includes analyzing server response times, large file sizes (such as images and videos), and render-blocking JavaScript and CSS. We provide specific, actionable recommendations to improve your site’s speed, ensuring a faster, more enjoyable experience for your visitors.

Link analysis.

Strengthen your site’s authority and search visibility through a healthier backlink profile. Our audit evaluates the quality and quantity of external sites linking back to you, identifying opportunities to build more reputable and relevant backlinks. We’ll help you identify potentially harmful links that could be penalizing your site and suggest strategies for acquiring high-quality backlinks that boost your site’s credibility and search engine ranking.

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What sets WGNR apart?

We’re not just about automated reports. We’re a team of passionate SEO experts who understand that every website is unique. Our free audit is your gateway to a world of SEO expertise. After you receive your report, we’ll follow up with a personalized email outlining your key findings and suggesting next steps.

Whether you choose to tackle the SEO fixes yourself or partner with our team, we’re here to help you unlock the full potential of your website. Don’t wait – claim your Free SEO Audit today and watch your website climb the search engine ranks!

Looking for even deeper SEO insights?  We offer a range of paid SEO services tailored to your specific needs.  Contact us today to learn more!

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Wesley Vaughan
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WGNR went ABOVE and BEYOND. I highly recommend them for any digital marketing work for your business. I wanted to improve SEO given Google's ever-changing algorithms. They were able to optimize areas that needed improvement and educate us as to the reasons why certain elements were changed. The increase in rankings and visibility has had a significant impact on my business. I am grateful for their exceptional services.
Alex Rochelle
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It is a pleasure to work with Wagner who has a great deal of marketing knowledge as well as a great voice. The skills and research of his team are outstanding. They helped us to create a solid strategy for our digital marketing efforts. Excellent value and highly recommend. You shouldn't miss listening to Wagner songs!
Albina Kazieva
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It's been a great experience working with WGNR. Wgnr has had a positive impact on my business — sales and conversions have increased. They are just marvelous with their marketing services & their knowledge of SEO is what makes them different from any other Marketing Agency! Customers can expect great results and satisfactory marketing service!
Lusyana Qupty
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I recently had the pleasure of working with a creative brand marketing agency who truly exceeded my expectations. My website needed a lot of help and the made the changes needed for my business to grow. They created a very detailed plan for me to start marketing my digital product. They provided a lot of useful data showcasing what my target audience is searching, and where I can find them. I am truly impress!

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All SEO work plans include.

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  • Title tag optimization
  • Meta tags optimization
  • Heading tags optimization
  • Content optimization
  • SEO friendly URL setup
  • Image optimization
  • Fixing front-end and hosting server errors
  • Custom 404 error page setup and optimization
  • Management of temporary and permanent redirection
  • Fix broken internal and outbound links
  • Find and fix HTTP links on HTTPS pages
  • Creation, optimization, and registrations of sitemap.xml
  • Creation and optimization of robots.txt and Googlebot crawls
  • Google Search Console setup configuration, and management
  • Google analytics setup and management
  • Fix HTTPS status issues
  • Mobile site optimization (if applicable)
  • Find and fix orphaned webpages
  • Backlink analysis and disavow entries (one-time in first month)
  • Monthly SEO progress report