Transforming Healthcare
through Innovation.

Client: HealthAxis

HealthAxis brand and sub-brand logo designs.


In the dynamically evolving landscape of the healthcare industry, HealthAxis emerged as a beacon of innovation. Traditionally operating as a third-party administrator (TPA), the company realized the need to shift towards a more scalable and innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This transition, however, demanded a significant overhaul of its brand identity to align with its visionary goals.


HealthAxis confronted a dual challenge:

Our Strategic Approach.

WGNR embarked on an in-depth research phase, diving into HealthAxis’s operations, audience, and aspirations. Through collaborative strategic planning, we aligned our objectives with a blend of creativity and foresight. The resulting brand strategy not only embraced but amplified HealthAxis’s vision.

Creative and Strategic Solutions.

A new brand story was crafted, depicting HealthAxis’s evolution from a service provider to a technology pioneer. This extended to rebranding their flagship products, HxOps and HxPro, with distinct sub-brands that highlighted their unique value propositions. Our strategic guidance facilitated a smooth transition to the SaaS model, retaining the core essence of service excellence.

HealthAxis logo with stylized text

Logo Development.

We developed the main brand logo with an understanding of the brand’s unique position in the marketplace. Our research showed that nearly 50% of logos within this industry were very similar, often revolving around 3 or 4 repetitive icon themes. To set the brand apart, we steered away from using an iconbased logo and went with a type design that represented a more stylistic flow and showed connectivity, which is one of the main tenants of the company’s brand.

Brand identity materials showcasing typography and color palette.

Brand Guide.

The creation of a brand guide was needed to help maintain a consistent and focused brand identity. We specified a brand typeface that complemented the logo, and determined the main brand and sub-brand colors. The guide covers logo, photography, and design best practices, and defines the brand personality, positioning, consumer personas, and its verbal voice.


The new brand identity rollout was meticulously executed across various platforms for consistency and impact. The SaaS transition strategy focused on client support and training, ensuring a seamless experience. Marketing campaigns were strategically developed to reposition HealthAxis as a leader in healthcare technology.


This rebranding and business model shift marked a new era for HealthAxis. The company experienced a substantial uplift in brand recognition and equity, solidifying its role as an innovator in the healthcare technology space. The market responded positively, leading to increased client engagement and market share expansion. 

HealthAxis’s transformation is a prime example of the impact of strategic and creative collaboration. The partnership between HealthAxis and WGNR has redefined brand and business evolution in the healthcare industry. With its renewed identity and operational model, HealthAxis is well-equipped to address future healthcare challenges, armed with advanced technology and a brand that exudes trust and confidence.

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