We're here to support your long-term plans for growth.

We care for our clients' businesses and brands as if they were our own.

Our methodology and approach toward marketing, advertising, and business consulting set us apart from the cookie-cutter crowd. While our cumulative experience is strong and our capabilities deep, it is our ability to stay ahead of trends, insightful study and analysis of human behavior, and valuable business consulting that truly qualifies us as uniquely effective.

Another one of our hallmarks is the extraordinary effort we make to seek out like-minded clients with whom we can truly partner with. Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than to help our clients achieve their business objectives through genuine collaboration. From our perspective, great advertising and marketing success only comes through close collaboration and a sincere bond between client and agency.

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Full-Service Marketing

What you can expect in an agency of record relationship (AOR) with us.

Many compare the AOR relationship to that of a full in-house marketing department without the payroll attached to that. These relationships are long-term and ideal for businesses and brands that need bigger strategic thinking and creative execution to fulfill long-term business goals.

Unlike project-based relationships where the agency or freelancer is only engaged from time to time when the client has a specific need such as design, SEO, website development, etc., the AOR relationship allows our clients to instantly tap into the resources of our highly experienced and skilled team without having to build one themselves. Additionally, our agency is researching on an ongoing basis, proactively working on strategies and ideas to move our clients forward, available for calls and meetings, and giving AOR clients priority handling and project pricing.

The long-term AOR relationship allows an agency like ours to become very familiar with your business and brand, unique challenges, industry trends, and competitive landscape. By being retained for a long-term engagement, our agency is able to fully invest in your business and brand by adding new tools and resources and additional support staff who are dedicated to your account. We’re also “on-call” for any immediate needs, seven days a week and almost around the clock. As an AOR client, you can expect quick turnaround times and enjoy some “line-skipping” in terms of when requests can be fulfilled versus project-based clients.

We offer easy-to-order solutions for small businesses.
Not every business is financially prepared to engage and retain the full services of an advertising agency. In fact, for businesses with annual revenues under $1 million, we encourage them to start with one of our thoughtfully priced subscription plans.

There are several benefits.

Predictable Costs

You know what to expect on your invoice every month. This allows for better budgeting and forecasting. It also grants the flexibility to amortize short-term marketing campaigns over longer periods of time.

Priority Service

You can expect special treatment including “line jumping” when requests are made. We will always make special accommodations for our AOR clients in our production schedule by shuffling other projects around if necessary. We are also able to reserve and set aside an allotted amount of resources every month.

Front of Mind

Even more important than being in the front of the line is being “front of mind.” Instead of being order takers awaiting our next request, we are internally coming up with new ideas through such workshops as our Idea Lab™.

Better Value

Our AOR clients receive discounted prices on all projects and unless there is a monthly trend of us significantly exceeding resources and hours, we will never charge more for the extra time and resources we may use from time to time. In fact, it is one of our policies to not require timesheets or track time on work. And perhaps more valuable than the financial benefits, we are invested in acquiring as much information and key insight as necessary to have a deep understanding of your business and be able to provide stronger and quicker services as a result. As the relationship continues to grow, so does efficiency.

Bus Proof

Without an AOR relationship, marketing decisions in smaller businesses usually fall on one person. If that person leaves, gets sick, goes on vacation, or gets hit by a bus, everything stops. However, by retaining an agency such as ours, we have the knowledge and experience to jump in and keep everything running without that person. But we really hope that she/he does not get hit by a bus.

Marketing Agency Orlando
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We should really get to know one another.

In order for us to get started on the right foot, we just need little information from you. The form on this page is precisely for that purpose.

You’re not making any commitment here and you won’t be getting a bill from us either. Like any relationship, there must be a mutual level of trust and beyond the work we do together, we also have to like one another. Life’s too short to work with an agency team you can’t stand and an agency’s best work comes from the bond that’s mutually formed.

If we mutually see a good fit and it makes sense for us to work together, great. But if not, that’s okay as well. We can still be friends. You won’t get pressured by us because it’s not our goal to work with every company and brand under the sun.

If we’re not confident that our partnership will significantly improve your business, industry category positioning, and increase brand affinity, then we politely pass on the opportunity and leave you with some actionable advice. And we can be friends.

So let’s see where this goes. Please go ahead and complete the brief discovery form to the best of your ability. The more you can share with us, the better. However, if you feel more comfortable having a fully executed NDA completed first, we have no problem with that and have included it as one of the steps in the form. Once we receive and review your submission, someone from our marketing team will reach out to you right away and schedule an initial discovery virtual meeting or call.

Tell us about your business and brand.

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Our monthly retainers are value-based.
Because that's what our clients deserve.

The monthly retainer associated with our agency services is value-based as opposed to being cost-based. What’s the difference? Cost-based retainers are based on a maximum number of hours provided within the block of retainer time. To simplify, it’s a trade of time for money. In contrast, a value-based retainer is based on a set of deliverables that are aligned with the goals and objectives of our clients and the value we provide. Instead of selling billable hours of our time, we deliver a consistently high level of value that is aimed at meeting and exceeding established goals and objectives.

As a matter of principle, we believe that our agency’s role is to support its clients in driving growth and realizing multiple successes. We solve problems, tackle challenges, and act as an arm of their businesses. We don’t believe in selling hours and our clients are not interested in purchasing them. The work we produce in partnership with our clients is not limited by our expenditure of hours in a day. If our relationship evolves such that more of our time, attention, and resources are needed, we are happy to discuss alternative monthly retainer options at that time.

You’ll never receive a surprise invoice from us and the consistency of our value-based monthly retainer helps you in managing your annual budget.

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